2.5 x 10 Inch

BETTER - 2.5 x 10 inch Activated Carbon Block Water Filter


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Activated Solid Carbon Block Water Filter MATRIKX + 1 "The Chlorine Guzzler"

This cartridge will "guzzle" Chlorine Taste & Odor for more than 20,000 gallons*. The characteristics of the carbon block provide impressive VOC removal capacity such as toluene and chloroform. It also has a dirt/sediment rating of 0.60 micron nominal & 2 microns absolute**. The universal dimension makes it compatible with filter housing manufacturers such as GE, Culligan, Cuno, Ametek and others.

Our 01-250-125-975 is a great, more affordable alternative to:
Whirlpool WHKF-DB1 :: Sears/Kenmore 34373 :: Pentek CBC-10 :: Omni GAC1-SS

Specifications / Features

  • flow rate 2 GPM
  • change cartridge every 6-10 months or upon substantial pressure reduction
  • not recommended for point of entry installations
  • 2.5" O.D. x 9.75" length
  • radial flow (vs axial flow) provides extended useful life and impressive flow rates

*Projected chlorine reduction capacity when tested in accordance w/ NFS/ANSI Standard 42 protocol. **Explanation of nominal & absolute micron rating. It is generally interpreted as meaning 85% of the particles equal to the nominal micron rating will be retained by the filter. Whereas, 99.9% of the particles equal to the absolute rating will be retained by the filter. The smaller the micron rating the better the particle entrapment capability.

More details about carbon block water filters

  • Model: 01-250-125-975

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