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Everpure 4C (4CB5) Water Filter Replacement Cartridge by Omnipure


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Everpure 4C (4CB5) Water Filter Replacement Cartridge by Omnipure

The Omnipure ELF 5M-KDF-P-4c cartridge is less than half the cost with exceptional performance. This filter is rated for an impressive 10,000 gallon capacity at 1.67 gallon per minute flow rate. The Omnipure ELF-Series is for value conscious customers who are using existing permanent heads but would like a low cost alternative cartridge option with exceptional performance. The sanitary cartridge design allows for quick and easy replacement.

Compatible with:
•  EV9601-00,  EV9617-11,   EV9617-22,   EV9617-36 
• Replaces Everpure H-200 S-200 H-300
• Everpure Filter Heads QL1, QL2, QL3, QL3B and QC4

AquaBond  uses the latest and most advanced patented manufacturing process developed by Omnipure Filter Company. This process bonds small filtration media to a large carbon support structure. Thus with AquaBond technology the use of sophistocated sorbents such as activated carbon, KDF and polyphosphate can be employed without diminished flow rates. Activated carbon is highly effective for taste / odor, chlorine and VOC removal. The polyphosphate ingredient protects household appliances from scale formation. KDF media removes heavy metals, including lead, via the process of oxidation / reduction. 

This design provides dirt sediment filtration, taste odor chlorine adsorption, lead reduction, scale inhibition and microbial control. 

Performance capabilities:
• 5 Micron Filtration
• Greater than 95% Chlorine Reduction for 10,00 gallons @ 1.67GPM
• Infused with KDF Media Creating a Bacteriostat for Microbial Control 
• Polyphosphate Scale Inhibition

Lead removal facilitated by KDF media. Zinc loses 2 electrons (oxidation). Lead gains 2 electrons (reduction). Lead plates on copper and replaces zinc which goes into solution as ions. As depicted by the chemical equation below.

A typical metal redox reaction with KDF process media.

• Dimensions - 3.5 Inch x 13 inch
• Temperature Range 35 - 100 Degrees F
• Maximum Pressure 125 lbs PSI
• NSF/ ANSI Certified Standard 042

  • Model: ELF 5M-KDF-P-4C

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