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Polyethersulfone Membrane Media Filter Cartridges

FPS food and beverage grade cartridges have been designed to comply with all FDA requirements for the food industry. Polyethersulfone is low protein binding and therefore a good choice for fermented beverage filtrations. FPS cartridges are flushed with 17+ megohm-cm water to ensure that no manufacturing debris remains downstream to contaminate your product. This washing also ensures that all extractables which may affect the taste of the product are removed. Cartridges are designed to give maximum throughput and handle cleaning and sanitization protocols well. Each cartridge module is individually tested to ensure integrity and is absolute at the rated pore size.

Due to the many existing filtration configurations it is essential to obtain preliminary information regarding your filtration requirements.

  • If you are not sure what type of cartridges your process requires and need some expert advice.
  • If you know your cartridge specs and would like a quote from us.

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Technical Data:

FPS grade cartridges are validated using modified HIMA protocols at a challenge level of 106 organisms per cm² of filter media. (0.22 μm challenged with Brevundimonas diminuta) (0.45 μm challenged with Serratia marscecens) (0.65 μm challenged with Saccharomyces cerevisiae).

Pore size code
0.03 μm
0.10 μm
0.22 μm
0.45 μm
0.65 μm
0.80 μm
1.0 μm
1.2 μm


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