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Rusco Spin Down Separator

Spin Down Filters - KleenWater and Rusco Spin Down Filters
We offer a large selection of both KleenWater and Rusco spin down filters with various mesh screens.
Rusco Water Filters - Rusco Sediment Trapper Filters
The Rusco spindown filter system has a patented design which uses a tornado or spin down action to filter dirt sediment. These filters can be easily cleaned and reused by simply emptying the filter sump. The filter screen can be cleaned by using the flush valve. Over time the screen can get clogged or worn and will eventually need the part to be replaced. The ability to repeatedly clean the filter saves on the expense of buying filter cartridges every six months or so. Ideal for high flow rates and filtering out solid particles and coarse sediment such as sand.
KleenWater Spin Down Separator Water Filter System
KleenWater brand sand trapper spin down water filters are a economical alternative to the standard throw away water filters. Our KWSStop sand stopper spin down system is ideal for filtering out coarse sediment without the need for cartridge replacement. A polyester screen filters the sediment. Periodically the sediment will need to be removed. This can be done by simply opening the purge valve allowing the sediment to be flushed out via centrifugal action.

Rusco 1/2 Inch Purge Valve

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Rusco 1/2 Inch Purge Valve