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Aqua-Pure AP101T / AP102T (63597-174C) Compatible Water Filter O-ring


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AP101T / AP102T Aqua-Pure (63597-174C) Compatible Water Filter Housing Replacement O-Ring by KleenWater

KleenWater replacement o-ring for models: AP101T, AP102T, AP11S, AP11T, AP12S, AP12T, AS26T, AP51T, AP101S and AP102S.

KleenWater AP101TRG water ilter Housing Replacement O-Ring for 3M Aqua-Pure AP101T / AP102T. This o ring can also be used as a replacement for models AP141T and AP11T. The oring itself actually measures approximately 3.5 inches (inside diameter). We recommend consumers keep a spare o ring on hand to avoid urgent situations.

An o-ring facilitates a water tight seal between the water filter sump and the water filter head. The most common o-rings used in water filtration are made from Buna N material. Buna N is also commonly referred to as nitrile. This is the ideal choice for cold water filtration because they are inexpensive and have superior performance characteristics.

  • Model: AP101TRG

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