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3M Cuno Aqua Pure

Cuno Water Filters vs. Aqua-Pure Water Filters vs. 3M Aqua-Pure Water Filters vs 3M Water Filters

3M Cuno Aqua-Pure water filters and cartridges for home or business. Our product line includes replacement cartridges, water filters, reverse osmosis systems and hot water protectors.

Cuno had long been a leader in liquid filtration and 3M decided to buy them in May of 2005. Cuno's had a reputation as a manufacturer of high quality commercial and home filtration products which was a great complement to 3M's existing air filter and liquid purification products.

3M gradually phased out the Cuno name while continuing to sell under both the Aqua-Pure and 3M names. Currently the same water filters are being sold under 3M filters and Aqua-Pure filters with different model numbers.