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High Temperature Water Filter Multi-Pack System, 20 Gallon Flow Rate

High Temperature Water Filter Multi-Pack System, 20 Gallon Flow Rate

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KW4510RED-BKT-KW4510G-HOT-Qty3-FM1-12

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    KleenWater High Temperature Water Filter for Hot Water Applications, 20 Gallon Per Minute Flow Rate, Multi-Pack System

    • Includes filter housing, 3 cartridges with 5 micron rating, mounting bracket and 12 inch stainless steel union connector male x female

    • Filter and cartridges are rated up to 160 F degrees, 90 PSI

    • Includes bracket and spanner wrench, 1 inch FNPT threaded inlet / outlet

    • Three KW4510G-HOT dirt, rust and sediment filter cartridges made in the USA

    • Ideal for outdoor wood burning furnace systems and commercial hot water filtration

    Our KleenWater high temperature filtration system is ideal for industrial and residential hot water filtration applications. The system is rated for a maximum temperature or 160 F degrees. Three KW4510G-HOT 5 micron filter cartridges are included in this convenient complete system. A mounting bracket is included to make the installation secure and rigid. Also included is a spanner wrench to make the filter change quick and simple.

    The filter does not have a built-in pressure relief valve so a 12" stainless steel union connector is included to facilitate the filter cartridge replacement. One end of this NPT (national pipe thread) connector is male (NPT) and the other end is female (FPT). The male end is connected to either the filter inlet or outlet and the FPT end connects to the existing plumbing. The FNT end can be loosened upon filter cartridge change which will decompress the filter and allow the sump to be unscrewed from the filter head. We recommend a shut off valve be installed before and after the filter cartridge.

    Replacement part model numbers are: KW4510G-HOT-Qty4 for replacement cartridges and PWFRG357-Qty3 for replacement o-rings.

    KleenWater is a registered trademark of Pavel Water Filtration.