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PWFRO50RC Reverse Osmosis Replacement Solid Carbon Block Water Filters - Kleenwater

PWFRO50RC Reverse Osmosis Replacement Solid Carbon Block Water Filters

Brand: KX Industries USA
Item Number: (1) KW2510CB-(1) KW2510LR

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    KleenWater reverse osmosis solid carbon block water filter replacement cartridges for the 50 gallon per day reverse osmosis drinking water system PWFRO50

    This dual carbon block cartridge set is compatible with most "double open end" or "DOE" filtration systems that require the dimension of 2.5" (W) x 9.75" (L). This is a very common non-proprietary design and dimension. These cartridges should be replaced annually at minimum. If the feed water quality is exceptionally poor, change at 6 month intervals. Suitable for private well water and ideal for city/town supplied water. Each filter cartridge is made in the USA and is manufactured of activated carbon. This filtration media will efficiently remove chlorine from water. It is important to remove chlorine from the reverse osmosis feed water prior to contact with the membrane. Chlorine will have a deleterious effect on thin film composite membrane media causing pre-mature failure.

    Our KW2510CB is designed to be installed first in series. The primary function of this carbon block cartridge is to adsorb chlorine / chloramine from water to protect the reverse osmosis membrane and enhance water quality. This cartridge will also filter dirt / sediment down to 5 microns.

    Our KW2510LR is positioned second in series. This extruded activated carbon block filter boasts impressive capabilities. Reduces levels of lead, cysts and dangerous chemicals. The mesh of the ingredient carbon provides for chlorine removal and a dirt / sediment rating of 0.5 micron nominal & 1 micron absolute. This provides cyst removal such as Cryptosporidium & Giardia. The turbidity reduction characteristics allow for even asbestos removal. Lead is removed by incorporating an ion exchange filter media into the carbon block extrusion.