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Selecto Scientific MF 620 CC System Compatible Filters, Set of 3

Selecto Scientific MF 620 CC System Compatible Filters, Set of 3

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KWS4520CB(2)-KWS4520-5M(1)W/OR

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    Selecto Scientific MF 620 CC System Compatible Fountain Beverage Replacement Water Filters by KleenWater, Set of 3

    This KleenWater brand high quality after market cartridge 3-set is a compatible replacement which can be used with the Selecto Scientific MF 620 CC System. Typically this filter set is used as pre-filtration for fountain beverage machines and other commercial food service industry applications providing clear and great tasting water free from chlorine and chemicals. The carbon block cartridge will remove chlorine for 80,000 gallons through the process of adsorption. The KWBGS-4520 also provides 5 micron sediment filtration furnishing crystal clear water. To provide perspective to the 5 micron sediment entrapment rating it is important to note the naked human eye can see down to 20 micron and a human hair is 100 microns in diameter.

    This sophisticated filtration will provide very high quality, great tasting water and will protect your beverage equipment from the potential adverse effects of unfiltered water. The reasonable cost makes this a very high quality, low cost alternative. Please note that replacement o-rings are included with this kit. Approximate cartridge dimension 4.5"(W) x 20(L) with the double o-ring upper connection configuration. Each cartridge weighs approximately 5 1/2 lbs.

    The KWBGS4520-5M sediment filter is approximately 4.5" (L) x 20" (W). This water filter cartridge is equipped with the Selecto Scientific top double o-ring connection configuration and is compatible with model # 101-300. The 5 micron filtration will protect the twp 101-298 alternative cartridges from pre-mature fouling from excessive sediment.

    • Selecto Scientific (101-298) compatible carbon block cartridges 4.5 X 20 inch, set of 2
    • KleenWater KWBGS45205M Selecto Scientific (101-300) compatible 5 micron sediment filter cartridge, Qty1
    • Ideal for fountain beverage machine filtration
    • Removes taste, odor, chlorine and reduces chloramine. Provides flow rates up to 10 gpm