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Cuno CFS9720-EL Replacement Water Filter


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This is a low cost, high quality alternative to 3M Cuno CFS9720-EL water filter. This filter is rated for an impressive 20,000 gallon capacity at 2.0 gallon per minute flow rate. The Omnipure C ELF XL-5M-KDF-L-P is comprised of granulated activated carbon infused with lead removal natural zeolites and KDF media. These three ingredients are compressed to a rigid carbon block. The core is then filled with polyphosphate scale inhibitor to complete the construction. This design provides dirt sediment filtration, taste odor chlorine adsorption, lead reduction, scale inhibition and microbial control.

Performance capabilities:
• 5 Micron Filtration provides 99.9% cyst reduction
• Greater than 95% Chlorine Reduction for 20,000 gallons @ 2.0 GPM vs 3M Cuno CFS9720EL 5,500 gallon capacity @ 1.67 GPM
• Infused with KDF Media Creating a Bacteriostat for Microbial Control
• Polyphosphate Scale Inhibition
• Greater than 90% Lead Reduction

• Dimensions - 3.5 Inch x 17 inch
• Temperature Range 35 - 100 Degrees F
• Maximum Pressure 125 lbs PSI
• NSF/ ANSI Certified Standard 042 

  • Model: ELFXL-5M-KDF-L-P-CFS9720-EL

  • Model: ELFXL-5M-KDF-L-P-CFS9720-EL

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