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Dual Filter Cartridge Replacement Set for KW4520CBDS


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Replacement Set for KW4520CBDS Chlorine Filtration System by KleenWater

  • KleenWater KW4520CBDS dual whole house chlorine and sediment filter replacement cartridge set
  • Filters dirt, rust, sediment, chlorine, chemicals, odors, VOCs and pesticides
  • Includes (1) dirt /sediment filter cartridge and (1) activated carbon block filter cartridge
  • Removes obnoxious odors from smelly water like hydrogen sulfide - sulfur
  • Removes chlorine and chemicals from city and municipal water supply Dual Filter Cartridge

Our KW4520G(1)-KW4520CB(1) filter cartridge set includes 2 filters each measuring approximately 4.5” (W) X 20” (L). This dimension is “industry standard” and the “double open end” (DOE) configuration makes it widely compatible with virtually all water filter housing manufacturers that require 4.5” x 20” replacement cartridges.

The KW4520CBDS, formerly known as PWF4520CBDS, filtration system operates in series. First in series is the KW4520G dirt, rust and sediment filter cartridge. The second water filter is our KW4520CB cartridge. This carbon block water filter can remove chlorine and chemicals for 18,000 gallons with flow rates up to 7 gallons per minute. With the sediment pre-filtration in position the absorptive (chlorine / chemical removal) capabilities of the carbon can be completely exploited without substantial flow rate reduction. Thus the carbon block cartridge will last the estimated 6 months without premature failure. All components and ingredients used to construct the filter cartridges are NSF certified for materials safety.

  • Model: KW4520G(1)-KW4520CB(1)

  • Model: KW4520G(1)-KW4520CB(1)


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Have been using these prod for a bit more than a year. Seems to work well at filtering. Lots of cider build up on the filter when I change them. Family likes it too as they can drink straight from the tap. I try to get it with the phosphate balls for various reasons. Good company. Nice work. I wish they would make it easier to find items as I always have to spends too much time trying to figure out what filter I ordered the lat time. A reorder function would be good. Also I can’t seem to find the o ring replacement for the unit I have. Still I enjoy using this product.