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NSA Water Filter Replacement Cartridge for NSA 100S / 100SX


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 NSA water filter replacement cartridge for NSA 100S / 100SX - NSAUS4-13

NSA compatible water filter system connects inline with your cold water plumbing or can be used to filter a dedicated drinking water faucet and ice maker. This water filter has impressive chlorine removal capability. Initially the water filters through KDF media which uses the process of redox to remove chlorine and heavy metals such as: lead, mercury, arsenic, etc. KDF possesses bacteriostatic characteristics which inhibit the growth of bacteria within the unit. Next the water flows through coconut shell granular activated carbon (GAC). Through the process of adsorption GAC will remove chlorine, chloramine and other taste / odor contaminants.

The NSAUS4-13 provides 5 micron dirt sediment filtration and has a 25,000 gallon capacity @ 2.0 gpm. This is a green economical alternative to expensive bottled water.

  • Model: NSAUS4-13

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