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Carbon Block Water Filters

2.5 x 10 inch Carbon Block Good/Better/Best

2.5 x 20 inch Carbon Block Good/Better/Best

4.5 x 10 inch Carbon Block Good/Better/Best

4.5 x 20 inch Carbon Block Good/Better/Best

KX Industries MATRIKX Carbon Block Filters

At we are excited to offer the MATRIKX line of water filter cartridges. The science and technology of carbon block filtration is impressive and KX Industries is the undeniable leader in the industry. To appreciate the innovative design of the MATRIKX carbon filter it is important to first describe traditional GAC (granulated activated carbon) cartridge design.

Water travels through a GAC cartridge in an Axial Flow direction.

Axial Flow

Axial flow forces the water through a pre-filter end cap, into a loose granulated activated carbon bed and exits as treated water. The limitations of this design are profound. GAC filters consist of loose beds of particles packed into a non-rigid plastic tube. This plastic container often expands away from the carbon when under pressure. As a result by-passing and channeling can occur. Another huge limitation is made apparent by its given name Granulated Activated Carbon. This carbon is granulated (think sand texture) its mesh size and adsorptive capacities are severely restricted. In short, the design definitely restricts the performance.

The MATRIKX extruded activated carbon block design expands the capabilities and versatility of activated carbon treatment. The MATRIKX solid carbon block is comprised of virgin carbon powder and specialty adsorbents such as zeolites and oxidizing filtration media. A thermoplastic binder is integral in the patented extrusion process to deliver a rigid solid state carbon filter capable of radial water flow.

Radial Flow

Radial flow allows water to flow from the entire outside of the filter through to the core providing 15 times more surface area than axial flow designs. With this increased surface area KX Industries can employ different mesh size carbon powders in combination with zeolites and oxidizing filtration media without being limited by pressure reduction concerns. The water moves slowly through a consistent solid carbon block membrane but the flow rates are commensurate with GAC filters because of greater exposed surface areas. Thus KX Industries can creatively design carbon membranes capable of removing / reducing lead, volatile organic compounds, chlorine, chloramine, asbestos, cysts and turbidity. These membranes are covered with one or more layers or melt-blown and spun-bounded polypropylene filter media. This exterior surface and the adsorptive membrane can provide filtration to a 0.5 micron nominal rating.

MATRIKX extruded filter elements will outperform conventional GAC filters in almost every application because of the higher adsorptive capacity and contaminant reduction, low pressure drop, high dirt capacity, elimination of carbon fines, higher integrity, strength and overall ability to produce the highest possible effluent quality. This is why is excited to be affiliated with the KX Industries MATRIKX product line.