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Question: What is "Redox technology"?
Answer: This is a process of removing chlorine and other harmful contaminants by
employing oxidation / reduction technology using KDF filtration media. For more details
see the following reference page:
Redox Technoloy Reference Page  

Question: What is all the excitement about carbon block water filters?
Answer: Carbon block filters are designed to use more filtration surface area without
limiting pressure reduction. They can filter to a .5 micron nominal rating. For more
details see the following reference page:
Carbon Block Water Filters

Question: What is a "whole house water filter" vs a "point of use filter"?
Answer: A whole house filter is used at the point where the water source enters the
home or building and generally filters all water on the premises. A point of use filter is
most commonly used under a sink or in the shower to solve a particular problem for that
area of the home or business. An example of a point of use filter would be a chlorine
shower filter used to reduce or eliminate chlorine while showering.