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Hot Water Protector Tech Info

Hot Water Protector Technical Information

The "Hot Water Protector" type cartridges will protect plumbing systems, especially hot water systems, from corrosion and scale accumulation. The active ingredient is FDA approved Siliphos. This contains an ideal combination of orthophosphates and polyphosphates. The orthophosphates react with naturally occurring calcium bicarbonates in the water supply to form a thin, tight, non-corrosive, passivating film on pipe walls. This film is almost like a glass coating, separating the water from the metal plumbing/hot water system.
The polyphosphate ingredient sequesters hardness mineral content. Normally if there is significant calcium bicarbonate (soluble hardness) in the water supply it will revert to calcium carbonate (insoluble precipitate) when heated. Calcium carbonate is referred to as scale. This scale creates incredible inefficiency. 1/8" scale formation in a hot water system can increase energy demands 30-40%. Also scale will reduce water pressure by clogging pipes downstream.

The sequestration characteristics of the polyphosphate ingredient react with the hardness ions and prohibit them from precipitating to a solid as they otherwise would.