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Model 130 Benefits and Features

Whole House Automatic Backwashing Cartridge Filter


Filters Out: Colloidal Iron :: Silt :: Clay ::Cysts

  • Uses a .65 Pleated Membrane Backwashable Cartridge
  • Utilizes highly efficient backwash program to extend cartridge life
  • Cartridge is backwashed with clean water - never a chance of cross contamination.
  • Uses approximately one quart of water during backwash cycle.


  • A programmable timer system allows frequent ten second backwash up to 30 times in a 24 hour period using only 30 total quarts of water
  • Contractor supplied reservoir tanks to store product water allows for backwashing to occur without interrupting water supply to households.
  • Manual backwash facility even if electric power circuit fails
  • Operates on 24 volt AC power

At Pavel Water Filtration we have developed a great alternative to flocculation (aluminum sulfate treatment). Introducing the Model 130 Automatic Backwashing Cartridge Filter. This system employs a pleated membrane backwashable cartridge with an absolute rating of .65, .45 or .20 micron. The rating of the cartridge gives the Model 130 the ability to filter particulate contaminants that both media type and nominal cartridge type filtration fail to trap. These contaminants include colloidal iron, red clay, gray clay, silt, and virtually any contaminant that has the ability to effectively backwash. By removing these contaminants water with very high levels of turbidity can be transformed into crystal clear water with 0 NTU. The Model 130 also is capable of removing cysts such as cryptosporidium and giardia lamblia.

The Model 130 has a programmable timer system that coordinates the backwash process. The engineering of this automated process provides an uninterrupted water supply to the household. The backwash capability allows for an extended cartridge life of typically 12 - 18 months.

The Model 130 is available in two models. The Model 130A (A=Atmospheric) is recommended for high water demands and/or very heavy contaminant load. This system filters water and then stores the clean water in a 150 gallon atmospheric tank. The water is then repressurized and available for household use. This approach is ideal for large families because there is always a large reserve of filtered water.

Model 130A Typical Installation


1. Existing Well Tank
2. Model 130 Automatic Backwashing Filter
3. Atmospheric Storage Tank
4. 1/2 Horsepower Submersible Pump
5. Bladder Tank for Repressurization
6. Ultraviolet Light for Disinfection

The other alternative is the Model 130B (B=Bladder). This model employs a large bladder tank which connects to the outlet end of the Model 130. This bladder tank provides reserve water to keep up with household demand and also provides pressurized water essential to backwash the cartridge.

Model 130B
Typical Installation