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Model 130 Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's)

Question: What is the flow rate of the cartridge?
Answer: The cartridge employed is rated to deliver 6gallons per minute. In very turbid conditions it is conceivable that the cartridge will plug within an hour. To significantly extend the cartridge life it is necessary to program the timer to initiate a backwash. By doing so we recover the ability for the cartridge to provide clean water at a substantial flow. Also we greatly extend the useful life of the cartridge.

Question: Does the Model 130 provide satisfactory water supply without interruption? 
Answer: The Model 130A will typically have 150 gallons of filtered water stored in the atmospheric tank. This water is then repressurized to whatever pressure the homeowner desires. The typical pressure setting is 40-60 psi.

The volume of reserve water in the Model 130B will fluctuate with household demand. The pressure under which it is stored is relative to the well pump pressure switch setting. If this setting is 40-60 psi the pressure in the reserve bladder tank will vary within the same 40-60 psi range.

Question: How frequently does the unit backwash?
Answer: The frequency can be programmed to any schedule imaginable. Typically we recommend a 10 second backwash every hour. The amount of water required per backwash is approximately 1 liter.

Question: What is the maintenance required?
Answer: Virtually none. The Model 130 has been undergoing enhancements and improvements since its inception in 1985. The reliability of this system is excellent. Unlike flocculation units which require intense maintenance, the Model 130 is generally hands off. Also the Model 130 is totally mechanical. It does not require the use of potentially unhealthy chemicals.

Question: How do I know if the Model 130 is the best solution for my water problem?
Answer: E-mail or call toll free @ 1-877-553-3698 to discuss your water with one of our certified water specialists. An analysis of your water is essential. This can be done by an established dealer if available or by our lab. Once we recommend the Model 130 as the best alternative we completely guarantee satisfaction.