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Model 130AS

 Installation Instructions (print)

Typical Installation Of Model 130AS

The photo above portrays a typical* installation of the Model 130AS. This picture provides the installer with a very helpful overview.

*Many installers employ re-pressurization components that differ from the setup shown above.



 Model 130AS - Shown Without Re-Pressurization System

Model 130AS Without Pressurization System
  • Stategically fasten the board mounted Model 130AS to a wall






  Plumbing Bypass Arrangement

Plumbing Bypass Arrangement
  • Construct the plumbing bypass arrangement to inlet of the unit

It is required that the lawn irrigation sprinkler system and / or frequently used outdoor watering lines be furnished with unfiltered water. It is important to stress that this system is designed to satisfy interior domestic water demand only. 





  Tank & Water Connections

Model 130 Install

  A tank, cross connected to a pitless adapter provides the required ports to mount controls and to make all necessary water connections.

The pertinent controls are a pressure gauge, pressure switch and a relief "blowoff valve".

Water connections:

  • (#2) The two solenoids in series furnish the filtered water to the atmospheric storage tank via tube (#1).
  • Tube (#3) goes from tank cross to re-pressurization water bladder tank.
  • Tube (#4) goes from tank cross to fresh water "solenoid"
  • Tube (#5) Rigid copper feed to ultraviolet light inlet.
  • Tube (#6) Flexible tube from ultraviolet light to household plumbing system.
  • Tube (#7) Backwash water to drain.  

System Start Up

Model 130AS Primary & Secondary Floats

The Model 130AS is equipped with two float systems. The "primary float" is mounted in the tank 4 inches lower that the "safery float". The primary float works in conjunction with a "normally closed" solenoid. When the primary float falls below horizontal the switch sends electrical current to the primary float solenoid which allows water to flow to the storage tank. See Fiqure Above. As a fail safe precaution we include the "secondary float". This float works with a "normally open" solenoid. This float is mounted approximately 4 inches higher that the primary float. When the float rises above horizontal it sends electrical current closing the safety float solenoid. Thus if the primary float system fails, the safety float system activates to avoid a flood condition.

  • Program Model 130AS timer (usually preset for 10 second backwash per hour)
  • Plug in 24 volt power transformer
  • Sanitize atmospheric tank with 4 ounces of household bleach
  • Allow storage tank to fill
  • Introduce power to re-pressuriztion pump and optional ultiviolet light
  • Introduce clean water to household