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Redox Technology

Oxidation/Reduction Technology is the process of transferring electrons from one atom or molecule to another. The atom or molecule that LOSES the electrons is OXIDIZED and is called the REDUCING AGENT. The atom or molecule that GAINS the electrons is REDUCED and is the OXIDIZING AGENT.

Water containing soluble contaminants such as chlorine, ferrous iron and even mercury can be purified by employing redox technology. The ideal media available to facilitate the electron transfer process is called KDF. This media is composed entirely of high purity granulated zinc and copper. In treatment systems where water is constantly flowing past the zinc/copper alloy, the electron transfer process continues instantaneously.

CHLORINE REMOVAL- The chlorine is reduced to a harmless chloride ion by the addition of electrons which are donated by the zinc anode species.

The Reo - Vita shower filter using redox technology