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30 Inch Commercial Beer and Wine Pre-Filters

30 Inch Commercial Beer and Wine Pre-Filters

Brand: Critical Process USA
Item Number: BWFG2530-01

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    This fiberglass filtration media is widely used in the beer and wine industry as a pre-filter. It is ideally suited to protect the polyethersulfone media typically used downstream to provide final anti-microbial filtration prior to bottling. This cartridge provides a wide range of compatibility. Its gradient density design and rugged construction will provide maximum throughput. It can readily withstand chemical sanitization, autoclave and inline sterilization. The PWF2530FG is an excellent pre-filtration choice for your beer and wine PES filtration protocol.

    • Dimensions 2.75 inch width x 30 inch length.
    • Flow Rate - The flow rate is approximately 22 gallons with the 30 inch cartridge.

    Pore Size: Cartridges are available in .45, .65 , 1 and 3 microns.

    Stainless Steel Ring: Cartridges that will undergo repeated autoclave cycles or otherwise be exposed to high temperatures should have a stainless steel ring configuration. This will preserve the integrity of the end cap.