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Aqua-Pure AP811 Compatible Filter

Aqua-Pure AP811 Compatible Dirt, Rust, Sediment Replacement Water Filter

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KW811

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    AP811 Aqua-Pure Compatible Filter
    High quality, low cost compatible water filter by KleenWater

    Sediment Aqua-pure Replacement Cartridge
    Dirt, rust and sediment Aqua-Pure water filter replacement cartridge. The KleenWater KW811 features a raised ridge grooved design which provides a significant increase in surface area.

    AP811 Aqua-Pure Alternative Replacement Water Filter
    This is a KleenWater brand water filter replacement cartridge. The cartridge is equipped with green end caps and gaskets to ensure a perfect fit.

    Our KleenWater brand Aqua-Pure compatible replacement cartridge has rigid poly-spun construction which effectively removes dirt and sediment with impressive flow rates of up to 20 gallons per minute. Each cartridge contains two distinct micron layers. Larger particles are trapped near the exterior and progressively finer particles towards the filter core. Thus the cartridge has exceptional solids-holding capacity and will perform longer. This replacement cartridge is an ideal choice for the value conscious consumer. Its performance is commensurate to the competition at a fraction of the cost.

    • 25 Micron gradient density
    • Melt blown polypropylene construction
    • Shrink wrapped for purity
    • Flow rate 20 GPM
    • Recommended cartridge change every 6 months or upon substantial pressure reduction
    • Materials are NSF certified

    The industry universal dimension of 4.5 inch x 10 inch makes it compatible with filter housing manufacturers such as GE, Culligan, Cuno, Omni, Kenmore, Whirlpool and Ametek, among others.

    The smaller the micron rating the better the entrapment capability.