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47-55711G2, 47-55707G2, 47-55711CM and 47-55707CM Compatible Filters

47-55711G2, 47-55707G2, 47-55711CM and 47-55707CM Compatible Filters

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: PWF- FM-3

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    Compatible Water Filters for Whirlpool 4373574 and 3M Water Factory FM-3 DWS 350 Cartridge Set 47-55711G2, 47-55707G2, 47-55711CM and 47-55707CM by KleenWater

    • Replacement cartridge set for Water Factory FM-3 DWS 350
    • Kit includes (1) carbon block cartridge, (1) sediment removal cartridge and (1) lead removal cartridge
    • Change cartridges annually or upon substantial pressure reduction
    • Made in the USA
    • Also compatible with Whirlpool water filter 4373574

    KleenWater replacement cartridges for Cuno Water Factory FM-3 DWS 350. This complete set includes Qty (1) KWPSQC-1 sediment removal filter, Qty (1) KWPSQC-4 carbon block filters and Qty (1) KWPSQC-6 lead removal water filter. The KWPSQC-1 filter cartridge by KleenWater cartridge is manufactured of 100% FDA compliant polypropylene sediment filtration media. This cartridge will trap sediment down to 5 microns. The second filter cartridge is series is the KleenWater KWPSQC-4 carbon block filter cartridge. This filter cartridge will remove chemicals, chlorine and other contaminants that can impart an adverse taste and odor. The last filter cartridge in series is the KWPSQC-6. This filter employs a 1 micron carbon block capable of removing cysts as well as chlorine and chemicals. ATS (amorphous titanium silicate) is embedded into the carbon block matrix which allows the KWPSQC-6 to remove lead for 1,500 gallons at a flow rate of 0.75 gallon per minute.

    The above replacement filtration kit replaces 3M Water Factory filter cartridge model numbers 47-55711G2, 447-55707G2, 47-55711CM and 47-55707CM. Please note that 3M owns the Water Factory brand and has elected to phase out the entire Water Factory product line.