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Aqua-Pure AP431 Replacement Filter

Aqua-Pure AP431 Compatible Replacement Water Filter for the AP430 System

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KW431

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    AP431 Compatible Filter
    High quality, low cost AP431 compatible water filter by KleenWater. The KleenWater KW431 is an alternative replacement cartridge for the AP430 system.

    KleenWater Brand Aqua-Pure Replacement Cartridge
    KleenWater hot water protector replacement cartridge for Aqua-Pure.

    Aqua-Pure AP431 Filter Replacement
    Hot water protector compatible fit replacement water filter.

    • Significantly prolongs the life and improves efficiency of traditional and tankless hot water systems.
    • Protects hot water systems from acidic corrosion and hard water scale.
    • Saves energy which is both environmentally friendly and economical.
    • Change cartridge every 6 months.

    The KleenWater KW431 "hot water protector" cartridges is offered at an aggressive price with free USPS Priority Mail shipping. The active ingredient phosphate, sequesters or binds calcium & magnesium hardness minerals, preventing them from precipitating out of solution and building up on metallic surfaces. Phosphate also forms a thin protective layer on the pipe wall or metallic surface which helps to eliminate hardness build up and corrosion.

    KleenWater is a trademark of Pavel Water Filtration.