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Cuno SWC1350-C and CFS6135-C Compatible Water Filter

Cuno SWC1350-C and CFS6135-C Compatible Water Filter

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KWC-1350-C

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    Cuno SWC1350-C and CFS6135-C7 Compatible Filters

    KleenWater brand compatible fit replacement cartridge for Cuno SWC1350-C and CFS6135-C water filters. Made in the USA.

    Cuno 56109-07 and 70020019892 Water Filter Replacement

    Part number 56109-07 and 70020019892 Cuno low cost, high quality alternative water filter by KleenWater.

    CFS6135-C and SWC1350-C Food Service Replacement Cartridge

    KleenWater high quality, low cost CFS6135-C and SWC1350-C replacement cartridge.

    • Protects Expresso Machine from harmful hardness - removes chlorine, chemicals & sediment
    • Inhibits scale formation while delivering "bottle quality" water for your specialty coffee
    • 1300 grain capacity at 2.0 gallon per minute - 3" (W) X 17" (L)
    • Free Shipping and Made In the USA - compatible to Schaerer SWC1350-C-SUSA

    KleenWater KWC-1350-C Compatible Filter for Cuno SWC1350-C and CFS6135-C Water Filtration System, Commercial Espresso Coffee Water Filter

    The KWC-1350-C is a compatible alternative to the 3M Cuno SWC1350-C (part # 56109-07 70020019892) and the Schaerer SWC1350-C-SUSA. This cartridge is also a compatible alternative to Bunn water filtration systems cartridge EQH2 for the EQ12TL unit. The high efficiency cation exchange resin protect the Expresso Machine from the deleterious effects of hard water scale. In an expresso mchine the steam boiler chamber generates intense heat and pressure. Soluble calcium and magnesium will precipitate to scale under such conditions. This scale will collect on heating elements which prohibits the machine to reach proper temperature. Thus the quality of the beverage diminishes and the energy consumption increases dramatically. The KWC-1350-C removes the calcium and magnesium ions which protects the expresso machine and the quality of the beverage. The cartridge also contains Aquabond activated carbon. Aquabond is a patiented carbon that is highly efficient in the removal of chlorine, chemicals and contaminants that impart adverse taste an odor to water. Dirt and sediment are removed down to 5 micron. The KWC-1350-C by KleenWater is made in the USA. The capacity is 1300 grains (competition claims only 1,100 grain) of hardness and should be changed every 6 months. The maximum flow rate is 20 gallon per minute. The sanitary quick change cartridge ensures effortless cartridge installation.