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Dishwasher Water Filter, KleenWater Under Sink Water Filtration System
Dishwasher Water Filter, KleenWater Under Sink Water Filtration System

Dishwasher Water Filter, KleenWater Under Sink Water Filtration System

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KWHW2510-KW2510SWHT-Dish-Kit

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    KleenWater Dishwasher Water Filter System with Choice of Polyphosphate or Resin Cartridges

    Water with significant mineral content is considered hard. Private well water as well as municipally supplied public water can have excessive hardness content. Hard water typically causes aesthetic difficulties. One such difficulty is cloudy glassware and dishware. Our dishwasher hot water filtration package can substantially improve your glassware and dishware appearance. 

    The KleenWater KWHW2510 housing is made in Italy of reinforced polyamide. A pressure relief valve allows easy cartridge change. Typical installation time is about 20 - 25 minutes.

    Filter Head Performance Capabilities / Specifications:

    • 3/4 inch FNPT inlet/outlet reduced to 3/8 inch
    • Max temperature: 176 degrees F
    • Max pressure: 116 psi
    • Dimensions: 6 inch Width x 12 inch Length
    • Uses industry standard 2.5 x 9.75 inch filters


    Choose from either our Polyphosphate Anti-Scale Cartridge or Resin Hard Water Softening Cartridge, depending on your level of hardness in water supply.

    Set of 3 KW2510SWHT Polyphosphate Anti-Scale Cartridges - For Moderate Hardness Applications

    • Manufactured with an integrated 3 stage process yielding true depth filtration.
    • Dirt, rust and sediment filtration, 5 micron, grooved surface to extend service life
    • Made in the USA of 100% FDA compliant polypropylene
    • Contains polyphosphate that sequesters calcium and magnesium creating a very effective scale and corrosion inhibitor.
    • Recommended the cartridge be changed every 3-6 months or upon substantial pressure reduction

     Set of 3 KW2510-Resin Hard Water Softening Filter Cartridges - For High Hardness Applications

    • Softener Resin combats hard water and cloudy build-up on glassware
    • Ideal for residential dishwasher systems
    • Removes calcium and magnesium hardness
    • 1,200 grain hardness removal capacity
    • Recommended the cartridge be changed every 1 - 3 months depending on water hardness

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