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Everpure QC71 Twin-MC2 Compatible Water Filter Cartridge Set - Kleenwater

Everpure QC71 Twin-MC2 Compatible Water Filter Cartridge Set

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KWE-1M-KDF-QC71 2 Set

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    Everpure MC2 QC71 EV9275-02 Compatible Water Filters

    KleenWater high quality, low cost Everpure MC2 QC71 EV9275-02 compatible water filters. Made in the USA.

    Twin MC2 Replacement Cartridge Set
    Our replacment set for the twin MC2 contains KDF media to inhibit scale build-up that can damage equipment.
    EV9275-02 Everpure QC71 Replacement Water Filter
    Commercial food and beverage industry EV9275-02 Everpure QC71 replacement water filter cartridges.

    This 2 cartridge water filter set is a low cost, high quality alternative fo Everpure part / model # EV9275-02 and EV9272-22 QC71 twin parallel head.

    The KleenWater KWE3200S-QC71 two set is a compatible water filter replacement option for:

    EV9612-06 MC Filter Cartridge
    EV9612-56 MC2 Filter Cartridge
    EV9617-11 4CB5 Filter Cartridge
    EV9618-11 7CB5 Filter Cartridge

    KWE-1M-KDF-QC71 2 Set is an exceptional value with impressive performance. These filter cartridges are made in America.

    This filter is rated for an impressive 20,000 gallon capacity at 3.4 gallon per minute flow rate. This is an ideal choice for the commercial food and beverage industry. It is recommended to change this cartridge every 6-12 months.

    The KWE-1M-KDF is comprised of granulated activated carbon which is compressed into a rigid carbon block. The carbon block is twice wrapped with polypropylene filtration sheathing. The outer wrap is rated for 5 micron dirt sediment removal followed by a 1 micron rating. This cartridge is enhanced with KDF media to inhibit scale build-up that can damage equipment. Also KDF media removes heavy metals, including lead, via the process of oxidation / reduction.

    This design provides dirt / sediment filtration, taste odor chlorine adsorption and chemical removal. The phosphate ingredient maintains ice machines by reducing scale which will protect the distribution lines, evaporator plate and pump.

    The cartridge is for value conscious customers who are using existing permanent heads but would like an alternative cartridge option with exceptional performance. Made in the U.S.A.

    Performance capabilities:
    • 1 Micron Filtration
    • Chlorine Reduction
    • Scale Inhibitor
    - Dimensions - 3 Inch x 15 inch
    - Temperature Range 35 - 100 Degrees F
    - Maximum Pressure 125 lbs PSI
    - NSF/ ANSI Certified Standard 042