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Everpure SS-IMF EV9799-32 Compatible Scale Feeder Water Filter

Everpure SS-IMF EV9799-32 Compatible Scale Feeder Water Filter

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KWScaleStik-8inch

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    SS-IMF Everpure Replacement
    Model SS-IMF Everpure replacement made in the USA by KleenWater.

    EV9799-32 ScaleStick Compatible Cartridge
    Everpure model EV9799-32 ScaleStick replacement scale inhibitor cartridge.

    KleenWater Scale Feeder Water Filter Cartridge Compatible Fit with Everpure SS-IMF EV9799-32

    • High quality alternative to Everpure Scale Stick models SS-IMF, EV9799-32
    • Made in the USA
    • Inserts into IMF Scale Inhibitor Filter Housing
    • Protects ice machines, steamers, proofers, coffee machines and expresso machines from mineral scale
    • Polyphosphate active ingredient meets NSF standards. 12 month service life with 6 gpm flow rate

    The KW ScaleStik-8inch is a high quality, more affordable alternative to Everpure model SS-IMF- part number EV9799-32 . The polyphosphate composite active ingredient is very efficient at inhibiting the damaging effects soluble calcium and magnesium can have on food service appliances. These harmful effects are especially problematic when the feed water is heated. The KW ScaleStik will act to sequester the calcium and magnesium thus these soluble minerals can not precipitate out of solution to create lime scale. This scale results in inefficient appliance performance and costly maintenance. The SLOW PHOS ingredient is also effective at corrosion prevention by forming a glass like protective barrier on the metal appliance components that are in direct contact with water. The barrier protects the food service appliance from the corrosive effects of acid or water excessive alkalinity.The filter dimension is approximately 1.25" (W) X 8" (L).