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KleenWater Triple Stage Whole House Water Filtration System to remove Chloramine, Lead, Chlorine and Chemicals

KleenWater Triple Stage Whole House Water Filtration System to remove Chloramine, Lead, Chlorine and Chemicals

Brand: Kleenwater
Item Number: KW-TRIO-ramPb(2)-4520G(1)

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    KleenWater Triple Stage Whole House Water Filtration System to remove Chloramine, Lead, Chlorine and Chemicals.

    Stage 1 of this system is a 5 micron polypropylene sediment filter cartridge. This will trap dirt, rust and sediment and provide protection to the filter cartridges in Stage 2 and 3. This filter is housed in a transparent sump that allows for periodic visual inspection of the cartridge. This sump is manufactured of polyethylene which is considered safe by industry standards. Polyethylene is also easily recyclable.

    Stage 2 & 3 consist of our KW4520-ramPb filter cartridge placed in series. This filter is a 4.5 x 20 inch chloramine, lead, DBP and other chemical removal filter.

    Water borne illness has virtually been eradicated from municipally supplied water thanks to the practice of adding chlorine and chloramine to the public water supply. These disinfectants have been a major advancement in public health. As the water arrives at the home, disinfecting residual surplus from the water will improve the aesthetics and turn city tap water into that of bottle quality. More importantly is the concern that chlorine can react with organics in the water to create disinfection by-products (DBP) such as Haloacetic acids (HAA) and trihalomethanes (THM). These DBP's (disinfection byproducts) can be carcinogenic and extremely poor for ones health. This system can efficiently remove these dangerous DBPs.

    This filter is also certified to remove lead. Long-term exposure to lead will cause physical development delay in children. It is also associated with kidney disease and high blood pressure.

    The lead scavenger active ingredient imbedded throughout the carbon block matrix is MetSorb absorbent media manufactured in the USA by Graver technologies. This media has a high capacity and excellent kinetics to remove lead and other heavy metals from water.

    Our triple stage filter housing is manufactured in Italy from the highest quality and safest materials. The filter manifold and opaque sumps used in stage 2 & 3 are made of reinforced polypropylene. The entire filter housing is manufactured with a proprietary procedure saving up to 60% of energy in injection molding compared with standard plastics. This filter is very rugged and boasts a 120 psi maximum working pressure. A built-in pressure relief vent and a spanner wrench are included for easy periodic cartridge change out. The powder coated heavy duty steel bracket facilitates a professional and sturdy installation.

    We have listed the filter cartridge set capacity below. You can order a water meter to monitor the household water consumption. A meter can be installed before or after the filtration system to ensure the cartridges are replaced in a timely manner.

    • Triple Stage Manifold Water Filter Made in Italy with 1" FNPT inlet/outlet thread & heavy duty wall bracket
    • Cartridges are made in Taiwan
    • Includes (2) KW4520-ramPB activated carbon block filter cartridges
    • Includes (1) 5 micron sediment polypropylene cartridge
    • 160,000 gallon capacity for Chlorine removal
    • 40,000 gallon capacity for Lead removal
    • 30,000 gallon capacity for Chloramine removal
    • Filters Haloacetic Acids, Trihalomethanes and Disinfection Byproducts
    • Easy DIY routine maintenance