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KW117 Replacement  Granular Activated Carbon Filters with 4 O-rings

KW117 Replacement Granular Activated Carbon Filters with 4 O-rings

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KW117-Qty4-AP101TRG-Qty4

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    KleenWater KW117 Replacement Cartridge, Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter, Chlorine Chemical Sediment Filtration, Multi Pack of 4 with Compatible O-Rings (4)

    • Chlorine and chemical reduction with dirt / sediment filtration - Improves taste, smell and water quality

    • KleenWater filter cartridge is compatible with Aqua-Pure AP117

    • Exact dimensions - 2.5 inch x 9.75 inch / Flow rate 3 gallons per minute

    • Axial flow pattern allowing efficient filtration and adsorption of contaminants

    • Includes 4 O Rings made of Buna nitrile rubber which creates a positive, dependable seal - Compatible with Aqua-Pure AP101T, AP102T, AP11T and AP12T

    Four KleenWater KW117 2.5 X 9.75 Inch Granular Activated Carbon Water Filter Cartridges Compatible with Aqua-Pure AP117

    The KleenWater KW117 cartridge has a semi transparent polypropylene filter body that contains very efficient granular activated carbon. The water enters the cartridge at the base and travels in an upflow direction by first being mechanically filtered down to 5 microns. This ensures the water is filtered of dirt, rust and sediment as it flows through the activated carbon. Through the process of carbon adsorption chlorine, chemicals and odors are removed from the water. Upon exiting the cartridge the water again passes through a 5 micron filtration phase to polish the treated water.

    The 2.5 X 9.75 inch dimension is very common and insures the cartridge will fit in many water filter brands such as Culligan, GE, Whirlpool, 3M Aquapure, Pentair and many others. The cartridge is ideally suited for "point of use"" applications but can be used for "point of entry" applications where high flow rates are not required. The KW117 is a compatible substitute for Pentek, Ametek,US Filter, Culligan GAC10, 3M Purification Cuno Aqua-Pure 117 , WaterPik Instapure IR-10A, Sears Kenmore 34370, Sears Kenmore 34365, Whirlpool WHEF-WHWC, Whirlpool WHKF-GAC, Watts PWGAC2510 PWFIL-GAC-STD and others.

    Also included are 4 o rings compatible with AP101T, AP102T, AP11T and AP12T. These are made of NSF approved Nitrile rubber also known as Buna-N. It is important to change your o ring at regular intervals to ensure a reliable water tight seal between the filter head and filter sump. It is recommended to keep a spare o ring to avoid an urgent situation.

    KleenWater KW117 also known as KW 117 and KW2510GAC. KleenWater is a trademark of Pavel Water Filtration.