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Six O-Rings for KleenWater High Temperature Filter KWHW2510

Six O-Rings for KleenWater High Temperature Filter KWHW2510

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: RG2K3W7-Qty6

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    KleenWater RG2K3W7 Replacement O-Rings for High Temperature Filter KWHW2510, Set of 6

    • 6 o-rings for KleenWater KWHW2510 high temp filter housing by KleenWater
    • Made of Nitrile Buna rubber
    • Durable and high temperature rated
    • Lubricated with NSF rated silicone grease

    Six water filter housing replacement o-rings for KWHW2510. We recommend consumers keep a spare o-ring on hand to avoid urgent situations. An o-ring facilitates a water tight seal between the water filter sump and the water filter head. The most common o-rings used in water filtration are made from Buna N material. Buna N is also commonly referred to as nitrile. This is the ideal choice for high temperature water filtration because they are temperature rated for 250 degrees Fahrenheit and the cost is inexpensive.