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Six Watts (WCBCS975RV) Compatible Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges

Six Watts (WCBCS975RV) Compatible Carbon Block Water Filter Cartridges

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KW2510CB-WTS-Qty6

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    Six WCBCS-975-RV Watts /Flow Pur #8 compatible 2.5 x 9.75 inch solid carbon block water filter cartridges for chemical and chlorine removal - by KleenWater - Made in the USA

    • Six KleenWater solid carbon block water filters
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    • 2.5 x 9.75 Inch NSF rated cartridge
    • Provides "bottled quality water" at your kitchen sink
    • Removes chlorine and chemicals that impart adverse taste

    The KleenWater KW2510CB cartridge will provide Chlorine Taste Odor Reduction Capacity for more than 5000 gallons at 1 gallon per minute flow rate. This cartridge is an ideal cartridge for chlorine / chemical reduction for point of use drinking water and reverse osmosis systems. It also has a dirt / sediment rating of 5 microns. The extruded carbon block design will ensure that this cartridge will perform optimally for 6-10 months before being exhausted. The NSF certified coconut shell carbon provides impressive absorbtive capacity ideally suited for water purification.

    Our KW2510CB is a great, more affordable alternative to: Watts WCBCS975RV, PWCB10S, Pentek C1, Kenmore 34370, Watts, Pentek CBC-10, Omni GAC1-SS, KX Industries USA 32-250-125-975.

    Specifications / Features

    • Double open ended (DOE) cartridge configuration with the industry standard 2.5 inch x 10 (9.75 exact) inch dimension
    • Reduces Chlorine/chloramines, VOCs, pesticides and taste / odor contaminants
    • Flow rate: 1 GPM
    • Max temp: 125 degrees
    • Change cartridge every 6-10 months or upon substantial pressure reduction
    • Recommended for point of use installations
    • Radial flow (vs axial flow) provides extended useful life and impressive flow rates

    The smaller the micron rating the better the particle entrapment capability.

    KleenWater is a trademark of Pavel Companies Inc.