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Three AP420 Hot Water Protector / Scale Inhibitor Alternative Filters

Three AP420 Hot Water Protector / Scale Inhibitor Alternative Filters

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KW420-Qty3

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    Three AP420 (5527407 / 55274-07) Hot Water Protector / Scale Inhibitor Alternative Replacement Water Filter Cartridges by KleenWater

    • Aqua-Pure Hot Water Protector and Scale Inhibitor Alternative Water Filter by KleenWater
    • Three Low Cost / High Quality Replacement Alternative Cartridges
    • Compatible Repleacement for Selecto Scientific 101-260 ScaleOUT
    • Alternative Cartridge for GE, 3M Aqua-Pure, Pentek, American Plumbe and Other Popular Filters
    • Protects Hot Water Heaters From Corrosion and Hardness

    Three 3M Aqua-Pure AP420 alternative hot water protector replacement cartridges. This cartridge has the 2.5" x 9.75" universal dimension that is compatible with a wide array of water filter housings such as Whirlpool, GE, 3M Aqua Pure, Pentek, American Plumber, etc...

    Siliphos is the amazing ingredient which allows this cartridge to protect your hot water heater from the deleterious effects of corrosion and hardness. It sequesters the hardness ions thus inhibiting them from precipitating out of the water to create scale. Scale can decrease your hot water efficiency by 30 - 40%. Also the siliphos reacts with the hardness carbonate to secrete a thin glass-like coating on the interior metal surfaces thus protecting from corrosion. Will trap dirt / sediment down to 5 microns. The KW420 is an ideal cartridge to filter water supplying tank-less hot water systems. These units drastically lose efficiency and functionality when calcium and magnesium cations precipitate during the heating process. The KW420 is ideal for traditional hot water tanks and tank-less systems.

    ~Flow Rate 8 GPM
    ~ Change Cartridge Every 6 Months or Upon Substantial Pressure Reduction
    ~ Cartridge Dimensions: 9 3/4" High x 2 1/2" Diameter
    ~ Normal Sediment Removal and Scale Inhibitor
    ~ Graded Density for Long Life (up to 30% longer)
    ~ Rigid Construction Withstands Stressful Conditions
    ~ Hot & Cold Water (up to 100° F)
    ~ Made from FDA (CFR 21) Compliant Materials.