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Three Whirlpool WHEF-WHPCBB Compatible Carbon Water Filters Plus Oring

Three Whirlpool WHEF-WHPCBB Compatible Carbon Water Filters Plus Oring

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KW4510CB(3)-KW101(1)

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    Three WHEF-WHPCBB Whirlpool Compatible Carbon Block Replacement Water Filter Cartridges - Chlorine and Chemical Removal - 4.5 X 9.75 Inch - One O-Ring for Whirlpool WHKF-DWHBB Housing - by KleenWater

    • Three Whirlpool WHEF-WHPCBB compatible carbon block water filter cartridges by KleenWater
    • One o-ring for WHKF-DWHBB housing by KleenWater
    • Universal 4.5 x 9.75 inch dimension for BB (Big Blue)
    • Carbon block cartridge removes chlorine, taste, odor and chemicals
    • High quality, low cost alternative replacement filters

    This convenient kit includes (3) KleenWater brand KW4510CB carbon block cartridges and (1) KleenWater KW101 o-ring. The cartridges are 4.5" (W) X 9.75" (L) and are rated for 5 micron sediment entrapment. These cartridges are designed to fit in the Whirlpool Water Filter WHKF-DWHBB. The carbon content adsorbs chlorine, chloramines and chemicals making the water safer while enhancing taste and odor. The carbon is manufactured with 100% coconut shell activated carbon sourced from the USA with NSF certification. The KW4510CB cartridge is compatible to the Whirlpool Model WHEF-WHPCBB.

    The o-ring is constructed of nitrile Buna rubber and will fit Whirlpool Model WHKF-DWHBB. It is recommended the cartridge be used at "point of use". If the cartridge is used at the "point of entry" it may cause pressure and flow rate restriction. Also if use at the "point of entry" a dirt/sediment pre-filter is recommended.