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Under-Sink Hot Water Filtration System for Chlorine, Chemicals, Hardness, Scale and Sediment

Under-Sink Hot Water Filtration System for Chlorine, Chemicals, Hardness, Scale and Sediment

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KWHW2510-KW2510CB-SlowPhos(3)-DishKit

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    KleenWater Under-Sink Water Filter System with 3 Carbon Block Polyphosphate Anti-Scale Cartridges for Chlorine, Chemicals, Hardness, Scale and Sediment

    Water with significant mineral content is considered hard. Private well water as well as municipally supplied public water can have excessive hardness content. Hard water typically causes aesthetic difficulties. One such difficulty is cloudy glassware and dishware. Our dishwasher hot water filtration package can substantially improve your glassware and dishware appearance. 

    The KleenWater KWHW2510 housing is made in Italy of reinforced polyamide. A pressure relief valve allows easy cartridge change. Typical installation time is about 20 - 25 minutes.

    This filtration system is designed to provide three levels of filtration. The filter cartridge body is constructed of coconut shell activated carbon. The coconut shell material is activated by heating to up to 2000 degrees F in the absence of oxygen. This process is call pyrolysis. Then the carbon is pulverized and mixed with binders. The material is then formed into an extruded cylinder and wrapped with a 5 micron polypropylene sheeting. The carbon block filter cartridge can remove chlorine, sediment, chemicals and DPB's. Finally the core is filled with polyphosphate which is extremely effective in mitigating the harmful effects of calcium hardness, also known as scale. 

    The installation is quick and easy because all components and instructions are provided. This DIY project should take less than 30 minutes.

    Filter Head Performance Capabilities / Specifications:

    • 3/4 inch FNPT inlet/outlet reduced to 3/8 inch
    • System max temperature: 176 degrees F
    • Cartridge max temp: 125 degrees F
    • Max pressure: 116 psi
    • Dimensions: 6 inch Width x 12 inch Length
    • Uses industry standard 2.5 x 9.75 inch filters
    • Quick and easy installation
    • Designed for under sink applications to provide clean hot water

     Cartridge Performance Capabilities:

    • The polyphosphate ingredient mitigates the harmful effects of calcium hardness
    • Removes chlorine and disinfection by products (DPB) such as THM and HAA5
    • 3 levels of filtration: chlorine and chemical removal, scale control, 5 micron sediment filtration
    • Made in the USA

    Please enter RG2K3W7-Qty6 into the search box to view six replacement o-rings for this filter. It is important to have spares available to avoid an urgent situation. It is recommended that the o-ring be replaced annually.

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    Customer Reviews

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    Nathan Stalzer
    Missing part and Kleenwater unresponsive

    My order was missing the six O-rings I ordered with the filter. I have emailed them numerous times, but have not received a response in over a week. Customer service is a joke, apparently...