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Water Factory SQC 3 Set with Module

Water Factory SQC 3 Set of Three Replacement Water Filters with Module

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KWPSQC-Module-2&4

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    Water Factory alternative replacement water filter cartridge 2 set for SQC 3 with Module / Membrane

    • Includes 2 cartridge compatible set to replace Water Factory filters 47-55706G2 & 47-55710G2 with Water Factory Module 66-4706G2
    • Includes (1) KWPSQC-2 sediment/carbon pre-filter , (1) KWPSQC-4 carbon block filter and (1) Water Factory Module 66-4706G2
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    • Change cartridge set annually and module every 3-5 years

    This is a "high quality - low cost" cartridge set for the Water Factory SQC-3 reverse osmosis system.

    This water filter cartridge set includes (1) KWPSQC-2 sediment / carbon pre-filter which is a compatible replacement to Water Factory filter cartridge 47-55706G2. Also included is (1) KWPSQC-4 carbon block filter which is a compatible replacement to Water Factory filter cartridge 47-55710G2. The genuine Water Factory Module / Membrane is the final component. This 2 cartridge pre-filtration set should be changed annually to adequately protect the reverse osmosis module and keep the system in peak performance. The module (membrane) should be changed when the total dissolved solids number becomes elevated or filtered water production is diminished. One of these circumstances is typically realized between 3-5 years.