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Water Filters

Water Filters and Water Filtration Systems
Common home water filtration problems include chlorine, rust, staining, corroded pipes, clay, cysts, dirt / sediment, iron, acid, rotten egg odor and bad tasting water. The water filter cartridge you choose will determine a large part of your filtering capabilities. Choose from our selection of good, better and best rated water filters, water purification systems and housings.

KleenWater's Best Selection of Water Filters and Water Filter Housings:

  • Water Filter Housings
  • Whole House Water Filter Systems
  • Reverse Osmosis Filtration Systems
  • Under Sink Water Filters
  • Drinking Water Water Filters

Home, Commercial and Industrial Water Filters and Systems
KleenWater brand water filter systems are designed to solve a variety of water problems for home, commercial and industrial applications. Types of systems include: under sink water filter systems (point of use), whole house water filters, reverse osmosis water filtration systems and drinking water filters to name just a few.