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Whole House Water Filters and Systems

Popular Whole House Water Filters
Whole house filters provide filtration to an entire home or business because they are installed at the main water source. A properly functioning water filter system will provide clean drinking water and can reduce iron, chlorine, sulfur, acid, sediment and lead. Other benefits include less corrosion of pipes, cleaner clothes with reduction of stains and most importantly odor free, clean tasting water.

Home Water Filters and Systems
Shop our best home water filters and systems. A nice feature of the higher end models include a water shut off valve which allows easy cartridge change without the need to install other water shut off valves. If you are having troubles deciding the best water filter for your needs call us direct for assistance.

KleenWater Whole House Water Filtration Systems
Choose the correct KleenWater whole house water filtration system to solve your home water issues. Filtration benefits will depend on the type of filter cartridge you select. Choose the correct cartridges to filter chlorine, dirt, rust, sediment, carbon, iron, chemical and lead using a whole house water filtration system.

Whole House, Also Known as Point of Entry Filters
The purpose of a whole house water filter is to treat all water to a dwelling by installing a water filter where the main water source enters the home. This type of filtration is great for treating all the water sources in a property but it requires a filter system that can handle large amounts of water without restricting the flow. If the system is too small or if you try to filter fine particles and chemicals you may find the flow rate measured in gallons per minute (GPM) will become severely reduced. You may also need to replace filters more often. It is important to choose the correct size and type of filter according to your filtration needs.

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