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Professional Installer Multi Whole House Water Filter Set - 4.5 x 20

Professional Installer Multi Whole House Water Filter Set - 4.5 x 20

Brand: KleenWater
Item Number: KW4520BT-Qty4-NoCartridge-01

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    Professional Installer Multi Whole House Water Filter Set - Fits 4.5 x 20 Inch Cartridges (not included) - Four Housings, Wrenches and Brackets

    • Four transparent housings made of safe PET (polyethylene) plastic 1 inch FNPT
    • Four filter wrenches
    • Four mounting brackets with screws

    Professional Installer 4 Unit Multi-Pack - Universal Whole House Water Filtration System Package by KleenWater. Choose from 3/4, 1 inch and 1.5 inch inlet/outlets. The 3/4 inch selection comes with two schedule 80 threaded reducer bushings to reduce the 1" thread to 3/4".

    This convenient KleenWater package is an impressive value and is ideal for residential and even light commercial / industrial applications.

    Our filter housing is manufactured in Italy from the highest quality and safest materials. The transparent sump is constructed of polyethylene which is considered very safe by scientists adept at the effects of plastic in the food and beverage industry. Polyethylene is also recyclable. It is manufactured with a proprietary procedure saving up to 60% of energy in injection molding compared with standard plastics. The transparent sump allows for visual inspection of cartridge condition. This filter is very rugged and boasts a 120 psi maximum working pressure. A built-in pressure relief vent, sump drain and a spanner wrench are included for easy periodic cartridge change out. Please note replacement o-ring is model PWFRG357. A spare o ring is recommended to avoid an urgent situation.

    Transparent Water Filter Specifications:
    - for use with industry standard size cartridge 4.5 inch O.D. x 20 inch
    - flow rate 40 GPM
    - temperature range 40-113 degrees F
    - pressure range 20-120 psi
    - dimensions 7 .5 inch (W) x 28 inch (H).