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High Temperature Filters

Hot Water Filters, Housings and Systems
KleenWater brand high temperature hot water filters, cartridges, housings and systems. Choose from complete hot water filter systems, high temperature cartridges, tankless hot water filters, scale inhibitors, sediment filters and shower filters with corrision protection.
  • Hot Water Filter Housings
  • Hot Water Filter Replacement Cartridges
  • Hot Water Filtration Systems
Hot Water Heater Filter
Hardness and scale hot water heater filter cartridges to protect hot water heaters and tanks for control of hard water and scale problems.

Tankless Hot Water Heater Filter
KleenWater tankless hot water heater filters and cartridges to protect expensive tankless high temp water heating systems and inhibit corrosion, hardness and scale.
Hot Water Dirt, Rust, Sediment Filter Cartridges with Hard Water, Corrosion and Scale Inhibitors
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